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Woodland Warriors is an outdoor education company teaching children and adults through the ethos of Forest Schools. Based at Wat Tyler Country Park in Essex.




Good evening Warrior's.

Maybe a little chill in the air today, but sunny above tree tops and warm around the fire.
Today was our Jurassic theme party for a little lad today.
We are the most of the morning by, looking and learning interesting dinosaur pictures and facts hidden around woods.
We made fossils from clay then placed them under the fire pit to dry a little.
There was a medal making station the children learnt to use a palm drill and use their artistic flare to create something amazing.
Den building and fire lighting in a caveman sort of way was a favourite, and to see the little ones faces after lighting up a troll pillow, was such a joy.
Lots of things to do but the time as usual, disappeared so very quickly.
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I must say, I was most impressed with our little ones today for trying something completely different, but also for our parents who took part, hats off especially Layla and Riley-roo's mummy who was up for the challenge then consumed a big fat locusts, Whoohooo, top bananna.
We made pencils, medals, fire, using the flint a steel method, tent pegs using small bladeded, long handed, knives.
We learnt basic survival skills and what to do of we were stranded and finished off round the fire circle eating chocolate chip cookie marshmallow s'mores.

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